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The inside secrets to long term body transformation

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Wish there was a clear, no-nonsense approach to eating well, training hard and building the body you’ve always wanted? Well, I wrote the book on it. Literally. Invest in your copy of the Enterprise Diet and start your
journey to becoming your best (and hottest) self.

*300+ pages of life-changing advice

Author of The Enterprise Diet
Owner and Founder, Enterprise Fitness

Mark Ottobre



Dan Garner

High performance consultant to pro-athletes, Olympic medalists, PGA stars, Hollywood celebrities

The book you’re about to read is a simple-to-follow format that condenses a lifetime of information from a man who has not only been in contact with the industry’s best for over a decade but has joined that list right alongside them.

Pay close attention to the details of this book and prepare to have more than a few of your ideas rocked in a good way”

The Enterprise Diet:
The Proven Way to Change Your Body For Good

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Ever seen those before and after photos? You know the ones… someone overweight and unhappy on the left, and toned and transformed on the right. The Enterprise Diet unlocks the secrets, strategies, and no-nonsense advice you need to do just that.

The advice I give in this book works, no matter your goals. I know this because The Enterprise Diet has produced thousands of life-changing results and over 300 first-place winners in bikini, figure and physique competitions – and it can do the same for you.

Whether you’re an elite athlete or a fitness newbie, my nutrition system and philosophy will help free you from confusion, get in shape the right way and give you the clear, practical tools you need to achieve your body goals – once and for all.

*300+ pages of life-changing advice

Body Transformations Fuelled by
the Enterprise Diet

I Guarantee This Isn’t Like Any Health and Fitness Book You’ve Ever Read…

At the risk of sounding cliché, I wrote this book to help more people… This sounds like I’m entering “self-help guru” territory, but hear
me out.

The world of fitness and nutrition is almost as divisive as American Politics… Calorie Counters are in conflict with Keto, intermittent fasters are in a battle with the evidence-based community, and vegans are at war with… well, everyone, including each other for not being #VegoEnough.

Then there’s you and me.

We just want results and to learn and practise a lifestyle so we can feel powerful in the boardroom and sexy in the bedroom.

So here it is. My approach is now yours. It’s no-nonsense, easy to understand, and most importantly, it works.

It's time to ditch the diet, shift your mindset and give you the practical tools to train hard, eat well and supplement smart!

*300+ pages of life-changing advice

Whether You Love Training And Fitness Or Simply Want To Start Seeing Results,
I Wrote This Book For You…

Do Any of the Following Roadblocks Hit Painfully Close to Home?

If you see yourself trapped in any of these frustrations, this book is your exit ramp to STOP putting in effort without results to show for it and finally get in the best shape of your life.

*300+ pages of life-changing advice

Get Ready to Read About a Tried And Tested Approach To Nutrition And Body Composition Proven By Thousands Of Clients

I’ve been a personal trainer for almost two decades, training elite athletes, magazine models, fitness competitors and everyday Janes and Joes. Across thousands of clients and hundreds of thousands of sessions, I’ve seen the same common nutrition mistakes first-hand.

I built my personal training studio and reputation for results by breaking down eating habits and changing how people view health and fitness. When you eat well, supplement smart and train hard, results aren’t just achievable – they’re inevitable.

How is This Book Different from Every Other Fitness and Nutrition Book?

Most nutrition books are written for people who don’t go to the gym and only want to lose a couple of kilos. That’s good for them, but not for us. I wrote this book for people who take results seriously and want to reach optimal health and peak performance (plus look hot naked – obviously).

To transform your body, you need to know what and how to eat. But let’s be honest, you might feel like you’ve tried this all before. And this probably isn’t the first nutrition book you’ve read. But if you’re ready to *finally* step off the carousel of fad diets and underwhelming results, this will be the most important.

Whether you’re an elite athlete or a fitness newbie, the nutrition system and philosophy in this book will help you level up your results, free you from confusion and help you finally achieve your body goals.

*300+ pages of life-changing advice

Here’s What You’ll Learn Inside This Down-to-Earth, Practical Book…

Chapter 1

You Don’t Need a Better Diet

The psychology of change. Learn the mindset shifts you need to ditch diets forever and free yourself from yo-yo dieting and lack-lustre results for good.

Chapter 2

Where Should
We Begin?

Creating better nutritional habits doesn’t need to be confusing. Learn how to start your day in the right way and discover sustainable eating habits to support your goals in the gym and power you through the day without cravings.

Chapter 3

Hormones and Calories

Break down the truth and myths about hormones and calories with simple, no-nonsense advice. Learn the truth about all diets and the principles that make them work. Once you understand this, you’ll never fall prey to a fad diet again.

Chapter 4

A Session with Ms Hungry

How to implement a nutrition plan structured in principle but flexible in application. Learn how to enjoy your meals and stick to a sustainable diet without stalling your progress or blowing
your results.

Chapter 5

Putting Your
Plan Together

We’ll move beyond theory and learn to put your plan together, so you’re in control and know exactly what to eat (and when) for your body composition goals.

Chapter 6

Foods to Eliminate, Reduce or Replace

Find out which foods are making you feel fat, bloated, and tired (you might be surprised). Plus, learn which foods to eliminate, reduce or replace (and why) to help you get results and improve your health.

Chapter 7

Don’t Blame
Your Doctor

Discover the scientific advantages of using advanced supplementation and lab tests to bio-hack your way to better and
faster results. More than a buzzword, biohacking can help you get precise with your results by understanding how your body works and how to support it from the
inside out.

Chapter 8

My Thoughts
on… (FAQ)

The most common nutritional hot topics exposed… from organic food to kombucha and more. All the stuff you wanted to ask, answered without BS so you can take action immediately.

From cover to cover, get the knowledge and expertise I’ve spent decades accumulating in a straightforward book that covers every topic you need to know to make your diet work for you.

It’s time to stop turning to Google for confusing and conflicting answers to your common questions and start eating well and supplementing with confidence instead.

*300+ pages of life-changing advice

Jaimee M

Founder & Chief Wordsmith at Savvy Copy

This book is an absolute game changer. After 15 years of yo-yo dieting, this book has completely changed my view on all things dieting. I finally know what I need to do to get the results I’ve always wanted in a sustainable, healthy way.

No-Nonsense Results Based on What You’ll Learn in This Book

About the Author,
Mark Ottobre

Mark Ottobre is a globally recognised body transformation expert and the founder of Melbourne based elite training studio, Enterprise Fitness. 

Enterprise Fitness brings together the best trainers in the country under the unique Enterprise philosophy of training, nutrition and supplements to deliver results clients never thought possible. How? It’s simple. The training and nutrition advice they give works and they get results. End of story. 

In addition to coaching more than 300 first-place winners in bikini, fitness, figure and bodybuilding competitions, Mark and his team have trained World Champions, gold medalists, Mr and Ms Australias, and thousands of everyday Janes and Joes wanting to feel confident in their own skin. 

Recognised as an industry leader, Mark has had athletes and trainers travel from across Australia and over 10 different countries just to train with him, take part in his highly sought-after seminars and learn his unique philosophy on health, fitness and business. 

Mark is a qualified Sports Nutritionist with the International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN), a Poliquin International Certified (PICP) Level 5 Master Strength Coach. He holds numerous certifications in Olympic lifting, nutrition, assessment and coaching. 

ATTENTION: You Don’t Need
“Just Another” Diet…

Click the video to watch a sneak peek of Mark explaining one of the mindset models from The Enterprise Diet: Chapter 1. Go on, you deserve a freebie.

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What If You Could Correct A Lifetime Of Nutrition Mistakes In One Book?

Are you tired of putting in the effort without results to show for it? Don’t continue investing your time and energy into diets and training that aren’t delivering results. Grab your copy of the Enterprise Diet and learn everything you need to know about eating right, supplementing smart, and finally getting the results you want.

*300+ pages of life-changing advice

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